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The White Witch of the Northland. The Hostess of Pohjola. The Mother of All: Cuckoo.

The great old matriarch, grown among Children of Ashes, gained fear and respect ever since she first time proved to carry the Mark of a Shaman as a child. The leucistic white-haired spell-singer, suspected to be a changeling, is a natural talent of balancing between dimensions and being one with nature, like a spirit wearing human skin. But do not let the expressionless, calm and - in a somewhat alluring way - otherworldly presence deceive you: Like a common cuckoo bird, the woman is cunning and intelligent. And just like the brood parasite that she carries as her inner animal deity, the Mother of All will do anything to make sure her goals are achieved, protecting her vast flock of children, fiercely yet silently revenging to anything that would threaten the plans she has for her progeny...